Gameday Disaster

Player 1 called about 11:30 to say he could not attend. His wife had her kids that weekend, and wanted them to have some family time.

Player 2 called to say he and Player 3 were on the way. Then called to say that Player 3 had some last minute school stuff come up, and could not attend. Player 2 is coming alone.

Players 4, 5 and 6 are not coming. Player 4 had conflicting plans, and Players 5 and 6 were contacted at the last minute, and already had plans.

Game starts in 15 minutes, and I am down to 1 player.

We end up playing Zombie Dice and Cthuluhu Dice for an hour, and go do some of his school shopping. Player 1 is my nephew and godson; he is starting college this week.

We reschedule for next weekend, and hope that there will be fewer conflicts.

I should have known better than to try to run a session on the weekend of dorms opening. Too many distractions.

So September 4th we try again. September 11th, I have World Wide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day: Red Box to attend, and probably run a table.

October 2, I am attending my first Con in 11 years, running 2 sessions at said Con, and hoping that I can juggle that, Encounters and school without letting my productivity at work suffer.

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And away we go.

This is the opening comments of my blog. My first blog. Be nice to say something memorable, or epic. I am a gamer from childhood. I started playing D&D in late 1979, and played it through out school. Collge, the US Navy, College again, and the first few years of my working years. About the same time that 3rd Edition of D&D was announced, I lost all interest in Pen and Paper gaming. I moved to MMORPGs. Those days are over. They did not fill any of the voids, they sucked up too much time, and were very unsatisfying matches of min/maxing, Roll playing (without the joy of tossing the dice) and little self appointed tyrants deciding that playing your class means playing their way. The story telling, and puzzle solving was always more interesting that combat to me. MMO’s were very lacking in the things that made gaming fun for me.

Now I am back to Pen and Paper, although more like PDFs, PC Laptops, and mapping software these days. I have 4 players rounded up, and will be running an introduction encounter on August 28, 2010, using the 4E rules.

A lot has changed, and the impact of MMO games on Pen and Paper is very unmistakable. I am not worried, I am sure that I can find players more interested in story, puzzles and roleplay than in 3 encounters per session, with a little flavor text between skirmishes.

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