Gameday Disaster

Player 1 called about 11:30 to say he could not attend. His wife had her kids that weekend, and wanted them to have some family time.

Player 2 called to say he and Player 3 were on the way. Then called to say that Player 3 had some last minute school stuff come up, and could not attend. Player 2 is coming alone.

Players 4, 5 and 6 are not coming. Player 4 had conflicting plans, and Players 5 and 6 were contacted at the last minute, and already had plans.

Game starts in 15 minutes, and I am down to 1 player.

We end up playing Zombie Dice and Cthuluhu Dice for an hour, and go do some of his school shopping. Player 1 is my nephew and godson; he is starting college this week.

We reschedule for next weekend, and hope that there will be fewer conflicts.

I should have known better than to try to run a session on the weekend of dorms opening. Too many distractions.

So September 4th we try again. September 11th, I have World Wide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day: Red Box to attend, and probably run a table.

October 2, I am attending my first Con in 11 years, running 2 sessions at said Con, and hoping that I can juggle that, Encounters and school without letting my productivity at work suffer.


About kantrudantor

RPG player from the late 70's returning to the hobby, and the DM's chair after a 10 year break. No more MMORPG, back to Pen and Paper, or Sharpies and PDF's or whatever it is now.
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